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UPENN Tissue Bank
Dr. John Brooks, a pathologist at University of Pennsylvania, has been awarded a grant to create an LMS tissue bank. This bank will provide samples for future LMS research. If you donated tissue for the Stanford Micro-Array Study, this is an opportunity for your tissue to be used for additional studies. In any case, we URGE you to go to LMSarcoma Direct Research and donate tissue.
Stanford Micro-Array Study
Through the efforts of the LMS community, Dr. Matt van Riijn of Stanford University Medical Center collected approximately 500 LMS tissue samples for his studies of LMS. This study is no longer accepting tissue donations, but if you donated to his study, you can see that your donation does "double duty" by going to LMSarcoma Direct Research. For information about Dr. van Riijn's study (now closed for donations) go to Stanford Micro-Array Study.
Patient Location Survey
LMSarcoma Direct Research has initiated a project to compile a list of where LMS survivors reside, by zip code. This list will be made available to pharmaceutical companies who are considering where to place their clinical trials.

Go to LMSarcoma Direct Research to find out more about this project and to register your own zip code. Non-U.S. patients are also requested to enter their location.

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